Warehouse & Inventory, Logistic, Purchasing, PPIC, Supply Chain & Safety

Warehouse, Logistic, Purchasing, PPIC, Supply Chain & Safety Management

Peranan warehouse, inventory, logistic, purchasing serta supply chain & Safety di Warehouse sangat penting dalam menunjang suksesnya organisasi dan kemajuan serta menunjang sistem lainnya seperti ISO, Food Safety System dan lainnya. Module dirancang tidak hanya bersifat teori, namun ada workshop serta best practice.

Module yangn bisa kami support antara lain:

1. Effective Warehouse & Inventory Management

2. Logistic & Supply ManagementВ 

3. Purchasing & Supply Chain Management

4. Procurement & Purchasing Management

5. Production Planning & Inventory Control

6. Supply Chain Management

7. Storage & Distribution base on ISO TS atau BRCGS

8. Warehouse Safety/K3 Management


Our benefits: We give example of documents for implementation, standard reference and high qualified trainer/consultant (Global Approved)

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